Abbadon, Gothic Western graphic novel from writers Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Power Girl, 21 Down) with art by Fabrizio Fiorentino & Alessia Nocera, Abbadon tells the tale of a city steeped in sin. The western boomtown of Abbadon is poised for a bright future Gothic Western Graphic Noveluntil it experiences a series of gruesome murders. U.S. Marshal Wes Garrett is called to town to solve them. 

A legendary lawman, Garrett is known for having trapped and killed a notorious murderer named “Bloody Bill” who once cut a brutal swath across the country and left scores of mutilated men, women, and children in his wake. Now Garrett’s arrival in Abbadon has revealed a secret that Sheriff Colt Dixon has desperately been trying to conceal: the recent murders have all echoed the style of the killer Garrett supposedly stopped years ago. Garrett and Dixon join forces to uncover the killer’s identity in a town so full of corruption that everyone is a suspect. 

This Gothic Western graphic novel is much more than just a violent oater. It has a clear noir sensibility. Who’s the bad guy, exactly? Who, (if anyone), is being framed? Who’s in league with whom, and where are all of the switcheroos going to take us? Is everyone crooked and corrupt, and who precisely do you decide to shoot when nothing is as it seems? And why do we keep killing the prime suspects?

Geeks of Doom said:
Wow! Abbadon is yet another excellent graphic novel from Palmiotti and Gray! This is a harsh tale set in the wild west, filled with deplorable characters and sickening actions. While we know there is a killer on the loose, other characters are no better as their lives are consumed with lust for power and domination. Why would I want to read something so graphic and laden with unsavory subject matter? It’s simple: the writing is sharp, the story is expertly crafted, and the twists are numerous. And I love a good twist!

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