Gravemist is/was an Independent American musical project influenced by late 1950s-early 1960s music and aesthetics.
This is The band formerly known as CREEPERS. The band originated a “new old-fashioned” sound, often dubbed creepabilly, a mix of dark gothic blues, skiffle, and a softer rockabilly edge including crooning ballads and love songs. They also incorporate vaudevillian and spaghetti western influence into instrumental tracks.

creepabillyGravemist are a rockabilly band whose only permanent members have been Jason Demiae and Natassja Noctis the lead singer and lead guitarist respectively. Their music usually includes semi-acoustic instrumentation, with swing, rockabilly, and skiffle rhythmic styles as a base, and is often dubbed “creepabilly”. They also incorporate vaudevillian and spaghetti western influence into instrumental tracks.

The band is known for often incorporating heavy literary influence from Horror fiction, Steampunk, and Occult literature into their lyrics.

The name “Gravemist” refers to an unexplained supposedly supernatural mist which rises from graves in cemeteries that have paranormal activity.

From their bio: “Gravemist is a very difficult act to describe; their music is a very tender kind of graveyard minstrel act that could only occur once a lifetime. Try to imagine if Morrissey himself came down from his throne and crafted the most delicate, lonely, asexual specter of a skiffle band. Can you dig it? Somehow, even that does not do them justice. Gravemist is formed by a husband and wife duo who have been creeping around the margins of Chicago-land since the late 90’s, but often in such a stylishly singular manner it rendered them far beyond Pluto for most plebeian ears. Way out on their own they delved down deep inside and carved out a highly personal vision, which managed to conjure some of the most haunting torch songs never heard. After nearly two decades of legends, leaks, myths, misfires, false flags, fake-outs and a mountain of cruddy bootlegs, words cannot express how elated we are at the opportunity to offer up this collection of ditties by one of our all-time favorite bands.”

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