Sea of Red is an American comic book series published from 2005 to 2006 by Image Comics. Featuring 16th century vampire pirates, the series was written by Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer and drawn by Salgood Sam and Paul Harmon.

Vampire piratesSince being turned undead by the crew of the cursed Pirate ship, The Black Galleon, Marco Esperanza has spent the past 400 years tied to the bow of a sunken vessel, clinging to life in the dark, briny, deep. His confinement at the bottom of the sea ends when he is discovered by film director Joel Cameron’s submarine on a scouting expedition for his next film. Hungry to film a live vampire battle, Cameron urges Marco to seek out the man responsible and have his revenge.

Rick Remender is the writer/co-creator of comics such as Deadly Class, Fear Agent, Black Science, Seven to Eternity, LOW, The Scumbag, Tokyo Ghost and Death or Glory. During his years at Marvel he wrote Captain America, Uncanny X-Force, Venom and created The Uncanny Avengers. His work at Marvel Comics is the basis for major elements of Avengers: Endgame, Falcon and Winter Soldier, and Deadpool 2.
He currently curates his own publishing imprint, Giant Generator, at Image Comics while writing the film adaptation of Cary Fukunaga’s Tokyo Ghost for Legendary and serving as executive producer on Fear Agent being developed by Matt Tolmach Productions and Point Grey through Sony for Amazon.

Kieron Dwyer is an artist and writer who has worked in the comic book industry since 1987. Known in his early career for popular runs on the monthly Captain America title with writer Mark Gruenwald, Action Comics with David Michelinie, and the Avengers with Kurt Busiek, Dwyer also worked on well-regarded mini-series such as Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City with Peter Milligan, Superman: The Dark Side and Elseworld’s Finest, both co-created with writer John Francis Moore.

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