(From the Big John bates press release) Is this Chamber-Punk or Americana Noir? Whatever you call it is more than Rock’n’Roll, more than Metal, more than Post-Rock, more than Rustic-Punk. This band is it’s own genre! And the 2019 album “Skinners Cage” is out now on Rookie Records! An album full of surprises….

There is no way to stop Big John Bates! If you never had the chance to see the Noirchestra on stage, you probably have already heard about their amazing live performance. They are a group that has succeeded in finding exciting ways to avoid the mainstream of – what we call – rock’n’roll. They throw “Post-Rock and Symphonic Punk into Americana Noir” to end up with the unique style of the “Big John Bates Noirchestra”.

Americana noir

The LP cover concept (an original oil painting from Santiago Caruso) reflects the band’s vision of social media as a virtual Skinner’s Box, a direct feed to the human brain. Starting the LP we find all of the modern Devils rampaging in this newest creation of Hell, while Broken English and cultural conflicts are reflected in Brandy’s intense version of Broken English. Tragedy and horror culminate into Big John’s lament for Halcyon days just out of reach.

2019: Skinners Cage (Rookie Records / LP+CD)
2015: From the Bestiary to the Leathering Room (Rookie Records / LP+CD)
2014: Black Timber / Bitter Root / + Digital Bonus: Missionary Man (Rookie Records 7″)
2012: Battered Bones (Rookie Records / Frontman Records)
2012: Headless Fowl (Frontman Records)
2010: Bad Pussy / Scarecrow Close (Rookie Records 7″)

Big John Bates & The Voodoo Dollz:
2009 Bangtown (CD / LP) Europe: Rookie Records (CD) / Stag-O-Lee Records (LP) Canada: Frontman Records (CD)
2007 Live at the Voodoo Ball (DVD – Devil Sauce Recordings / Cinestar Productions
2006 Take Your Medicine (CD) – Wolverine (Germany) / Devil Sauce Recordings (Canada)
2003 Mystiki (CD) – Devil Sauce Recordings (Canada)
2001 Flamethrower (CD) – El Toro Records (Spain) / Devil Sauce Recordings (Canada)
1999 Vibro-Psychotic (7”) – Nearly Nude Music (Canada)

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