News release announcing the Gothic Americana set from Emma Ruth Rundle at Roadburn:

 Those of you who have been with us for the last several years (whether attending or watching from afar) will know that one of our greatest adventures in music is exploring the many facets of heaviness. One set that we pinpoint as a pivotal point in our explorations was Emma Ruth Rundle’s Green Room set in 2017 – a performance made powerful by its vulnerability. 

Emma Ruth Rundle - Gothic Americana set

Further harnessing the power in fragility on her new album, Engine of Hell, we knew that we wanted to invite Emma back after our very first listen through. Having been scheduled to be our 2020 co-curator, we also had some loose ends and some unexpended collaborative energy to release into the world with Emma. And so it feels great to confirm that Emma Ruth Rundle will be performing Engine of Hell on the main stage at Roadburn 2022. 

Of her return to Roadburn, Emma comments: “We were all heartbroken about Roadburn 2020 and, for me, not being able to see my curation was crushing. Returning to the festival and presenting Engine of Hell seems like the best redemption one could ask for. I am so looking forward to rejoining the Roadburn community in person.”

Honesty and vulnerability have run through much of Emma’s output over the years, but on Engine of Hell the rawness and repressed pain that accompanies her lived experiences bubble to the surface. Accompanied by piano as well as her more familiar guitar, this new material strikes out in new directions yet still sounds unequivocally like her. With the beauty of imperfection laid bare, a new clarity in her voice shines through – more potent than ever. Engine of Hell is the sound of one woman claiming dominion over her past and leading it with authority into her future.

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